Safety & Security

Child Security
Our Keyless Entry System limits access to our facility by allowing entry only to authorize staff and families. Unique ID codes are assigned to each person eliminating the cost and hassle of lost keys or magnetic swipe cards. Codes may be disabled at any time providing a safe and secure environment for children and peace of mind for parents. 

Checking In & Out 

In order to gain access into our building, parents are given a unique passcode. Upon entering our building, parents must log in their child on state of the art Procare computer system or you are able to log them on from the procare app on your phone. This system is able to keep track of your childs attendance, immunization, and balance. From here, the parents will escort their child to their proper classroom. Checking out any child will require the parent or guardian to go through the same prcedures. 

Visitor Policy
All visitors to our center must sign the visitor log and state the purpose of their visit. To ensure the security of the children and our teachers, picture identification is required for all unfamiliar visitors. In addition, visitors are never left alone in our center. 
Procedure for Tracking children
The safety and well-being of your child is very important to us at Kiddie Campus. To ensure that all children are accounted for at all times, our teachers mark each child present on the class attendance when the child arrives. Head counts and rolls calls are taken hourly and at major transition times throughout the day. following outdoor play, teacher will walk the playground to ensure that all children have entered the building. 


As a safety measure, Kiddie Campus keeps a file of people authrized to pick up each child in case of an emergency. The file is based on the information you provide on the enrollment forms. Please notify the Director in writing of any changes, as children will not be released without proper authorization & identification. Should a fire, severe weather, or other emergencies occur, it is crucial that children respond in a safe and orderly fashion. Therefore, children participate in regular drills and practices so they will know what to do in the case of an actual emergency. 



Center Information: 

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