Infant Program 

Young babies are precious cargo and our goal is to give them the best care possible. Because we are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for your littles ones, we have a consistent group of caregivers who show genuine interest in your child's individuality, ensuring that your baby's physical needs are met as well as providing them with the encouragement needed to help them grow developmentally and socially. Our infant classroom helps meet your babies needs by providing them with a safe environment that supports their need to grow, create, move, and learn. While also allowing them to explore a piece of the world around them. 


Toddler Program 

Toddlers are energetic and eager learners. Our goal is to encourage your child to make that fun transition from baby to "BIG KID". We strive to promote potty training and provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that helps get them ready for preschool. Our toddler classroom is set up to offer them many opportunities to explore, grow, and learn!


Preschool Program 

The Preschool age is a very fun and exciting time. Their little minds have grown ad matured a little more and are at a point where they want to know more about everything that is going on around them. In our preschool room, we provide a variety of resources for children to manipulate, explore, play with, and share. We also promote the children's natural curiosity to learn about how things work and the world around them. Extra attention is especially paid to making sure we are getting your child ready for kindergarten through hand-on experience, through different learning centers, and circle time that is filled of interaction and fun. 



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