Our Programs



Infants are just beginning to experience the world around them.  Our infants will be loved, cuddled, talked to, played with, and given a safe, secure environment to explore.  Each child under 12 months will have his/her own crib and be carefully supervised.  Appropriate health and hygiene procedures will be followed.  We will work with you to individualize your baby's eating and sleeping schedule and our caregivers will give you real time updates throughout the day.

Toddler Program 

Toddlers are developing rapidly in all areas.  They are on the move and beginning to show independence, problem-solving skills, and an understanding of language.  These children are given opportunities to explore and learn through self-directed and teacher-directed activities both indoors and outdoors.  They are guided in building loving relationships with other children and adults and encouraged to develop  self-help skills such as eating habits, toilet training and washing their own hands.

Preschool Program 

Preschoolers are independent and creative.  They are masters of their bodies and have extensive vocabulatries.  These children are given opportunities to enhance their creativity and curiosity through teacher and child-directed hands-on activities both indoors and outdoors.  These activities will center on physical, cognitive, language, social, and emotional development that will help them have a successful start in kindergarten.


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